Animated Christmas eCards

Looking for a stylish and environmentally friendly corporate Christmas card?

Why not email a personalised Christmas eCard animation to all of your contacts?

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Whether it’s ‘Merry Christmas’, ‘Happy Holidays’, ‘Happy New Year’, or your own preferred text, the following range of high quality Holiday eCards can be customised to show your own company logo and festive message or greeting. There are various styles to choose from, including comical, stylish, traditional or modern – you can even include staff portraits and send a Xmas card video starring your own team!
Simply choose one of the draft Christmas eCards below and have it customised with your own Christmas message and logo (where shown).
I can then upload the animation to YouTube and send you a link to an unbranded page (see example) that you can forward to your contacts, or I can send you an MP4 version for you to upload to your preferred web host.
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New for 2020...
Xmas Spruce Gallery - YOUR FACES!: £149
Santa Shopping: £139
Digital Christmas: £129
Reindeer Ribbons: £119
Whiteboard Xmas Message: £109
Christmas Mountains: £99
Christmas Pacman: £89
Woollen Greetings: £69
ALL Christmas eCard Animations
Xmas Tree Fly-around - YOUR VIDEOS! : £295
Xmas Tree Fly-around - YOUR IMAGES! : £195
Elves Workshop - YOUR FACES! : £195
Christmas Elves - YOUR FACES! : £195
Santa's Magic Tree - YOUR IMAGES!: £179
Xmas Spruce Gallery - YOUR FACES!: £149
Tudor House Snowglobe: £149
Company Xmas Card - YOUR FACES!: £149
Epic Festive Greeting: £149
Xmas Paper Card: £149
Best Xmas Yeti: £149
Magic Christmas Book: £149
Santa Shopping: £139
Santa's Magic Tree: £139
Santa Supersize Chimney: £139
Supersonic Santa: £139
Santa Xmas Magic: £139
Christmas Fairy Magic: £139
Santa Stuck in Chimney: £139
Digital Christmas: £129
Surprise! : £129
Reindeer Ribbons: £119
Snowflake Reveal: £119
Festive Laurel: £119
Warm Xmas Wishes: £119
Stickman Holiday Card: £119
Stickman Christmas Star: £119
Whiteboard Xmas Message: £109
Cosy Christmas Cabin: £109
Festive Forest: £109
Stickman Festive Envelope: £109
Stickman Champagne: £109
Stickman Magical Holiday: £109
Stickman New Year: £109
Christmas Mountains: £99
Christmas Fireplace: £99
Pure Gold Christmas: £99
Christmas Is…: £99
Holiday Wishes: £99
Tri-Star Magic: £99
Christmas Greetings Cascade: £99
Illuminated Xmas Village: £99
Xmas Kinetic Text: £99
Christmas Pacman: £89
Above the Clouds: £89
8-Bit Santa: £89
Christmas Sparkles: £89
Festive Cartoon World: £89
Christmas Fax: £89
Christmas by Moonlight: £89
Cinematic Christmas Lights: £89
Christmas Card Pop-up: £89
Magic Writing: £89
World Christmas Baubles: £89
Festive Planet: £79
Glitter Tree: £79
Enchanted Baubles: £79
Illustrated Xmas Card: £79
International Xmas Greetings: £79
Stickman Candle: £79
Merry Christmas Text: £79
Reindeer Star: £79
Christmas Tree Montage: £79
Woollen Greetings: £69
Kindergarten Christmas: £69
Xmas Circuit-Tree: £69
What Christmas is all about: £69
A time for sharing: £69
Christmas Pop-up Book: £59
Christmas Card Envelope: £49
Christmas Moonlit Night: £49

…until Christmas!