Add a 'Casual Game' to your website

What is a ‘Casual Game’?

And why should you add one to your website?

A casual game is easy to play, addictive, challenging and rewarding. It’s a simple but fun time-filler. And the world is full of them, from smartphones to Facebook, PCs to Macs, people love playing casual games.

So why not take a pre-built game template, sprinkle it with brand references, product placements or special offers, then add it to your website?

Let’s face it, a large proportion of your audience loves to play casual games on their smartphone, tablet or computer. They repeatedly try to beat their previous score, get to the top of the leaderboard, and share the fun with friends and colleagues. Imagine if your brand was woven into the game…
And imagine if anyone could play the game, anytime, anywhere. Games written in HTML5 can be played in all modern browsers, on both PCs and Apple computers, and also on all modern Android and IOS smartphones and tablets.
With a huge range of pre-built HTML5 game templates to choose from, a simple low cost ‘time-filler’ could drive visitors to your website, boost engagement and increase brand awareness.
Increase visitor engagement and brand awareness!

Add a casual game to your website in 4 easy steps…

Step 1:

Browse the pre-built game templates and choose one that works with your brand

Step 2:

Send over a high quality version of your logo (if required)

Step 3:

Confirm any personalised text & links you would like to include (if required)

Step 4:

Consider potential awards as a gameplay incentive

Here’s what you get…

  • Your own branded version of your chosen HTML5 game, playable on all modern devices.
  • A global leaderboard to encourage competitive gameplay.
  • The game can either be supplied as a zip file containing all of the code (ready for your web designer to integrate into your website), or a simple link that you can easily add to one of your pages.


How long does it take to customise my chosen game template?

The process usually takes around 48 hours once you’ve supplied your logo, etc.

I don't like the music - can it be changed?

Sure, there are a range of music tracks to choose from if you don’t like the default audio.

What if I want to make more extensive changes to the game template?

No problem, I can supply a quote for any additional custom amendments to the game template.

I already have a great idea for a game, but there's no matching template...

I would be happy to provide a quote for developing a bespoke game – please use the contact form to send me an outline brief.

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