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Animated Canada Day eCards

Looking for a stylish and environmentally friendly Canada Day card?

Why not email a personalised Canada Day eCard animation to all of your contacts?

Browse all Canada Day animations
The following range of high quality Canada Day eCards can be customised to show your own company logo and message or greeting.
Each animation has been designed to showcase popular Canadian landmarks and celebrate Canadian history, culture and national pride.
Simply choose one of the draft Canada Day eCards below and I’ll customise with your own message and logo (where shown). I can then upload the animation and send you a link to an unbranded page (see example) that you can forward to your contacts, plus you can download an MP4 version to use in any of your media channels.
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Flyby Landmarks

Take a flight through some of Canada's most memorable landmarks ...

£99.00 excl. VAT
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Moonlight Fireworks

Twin particle streams climb the CN Tower to unfurl the Canadian flag and trigger a fireworks display ...

£99.00 excl. VAT
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…until Canada Day!
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